Interurban fares

Fare 1- IVA 10% Fare 2 - IVA 10%
Kilometer traveled 0,59€ 0,70€
Waiting hours 14,60€ 17,54€

The Fare 2 will apply in the following conditions:
– Night services: Labor days from 22:00 to 6:00
– Weekend services: From Friday at 22:00 to Monday at 6:00
– Holidays: National holiday, autonomic or local

Information and advice on customs procedures, duties and taxes, standards and technical regulations of intercity services:
– Taxi services are subject to regulations published by the municipalities.
– Taxi services are safe and reasonably priced. When travelling on long trips it is allowed to agree on a price.
– According to the legal and current regulation of the area users have the right to free transport of their luggage
– Taxi services are hired in full car besides the service will be paid for the full round trip.
– Taxi drivers may have no more than 20€ change. In case clients need to find a place to get some more change the overall distance will increase the total price.